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Allen Iverson
Source: Players Tribune

Allen Iverson Names His Top Five Rappers of All Time ("Excluding" Himself)

Here are some things about Allen Iverson that I want you to know.

Allen Iverson opened up about his life, career, and all-time favorites in a new long-form article.

The NBA Hall of Famer penned a  piece in The Player's Tribune Thursday (December 6th) titled, "Allen."

In the piece, he lists his top five rappers of all-time as Biggie, Tupac, Andre 3000, Redman, and Jay-Z.

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He ranked the 1995 film "Heat," starringRobert De Niro  as one of his favorite films of all-time, but his top five movies are "Casino," "Hoodlum," "Devil In A Blue Dress," "Law-Abiding Citizen," and "Troy."

And as for his all-time NBA starting five (also excluding himself), Iverson listed Steph Curry, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Shaquille O'Neal.

And don't forget, Iverson dabbled in rap himself. During the 2000 offseason, he recorded a single called "40 Bars" under his moniker, Jewelz.

Read Iverson's full Players' Tribune piece here.