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15 Memes That Should Be Left in 2017

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With a new year comes new waves + creations for the internet, so we’ve tasked Shirley Ju with breaking down the memes that should retire for 2018.

Happy (Early) New Year, @Okayplayer!

As we inch ever-so-closer to 2018, memes have grown to become more than just a mere picture with some clever words. In fact, in this day and age, memes are part of hip-hop culture in a major way. Think about Bhad Bharbie and her Dr. Phil catchphrase that went viral, leading her to a multi-million record deal and popping numbers on YouTube. Whether you are scrolling through your timeline or just in a lit group chat, memes will forever be a reliable source of entertainment for generations to come.

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Talk Memes, Trump & Jay-Z With ‘The Breakfast Club’

But has the log become too full? Are we over-engorged with memes as we lead into a new year?

Most memes are notorious for their comedic s**t-talking, while others are used to flex one’s knowledge of the culture. @Okayplayer has tapped the indomitable Shirley Ju to compile a year-end list of the memes that should be retired, laid to rest and put out to pasture before 2018 kicks offs. Do you agree with our selections? Do you have any to add? If so, hit us up @Okayplayer to share your thoughts.

Source: Twitter

Crying Jordan Face

Yes, yes, this meme is a staple in our culture, and rightfully so it will forever be. But, hell, enough is enough… even His Airness is sick of it, too.

Source: Twitter

IT Meme

Sure, the remake film, IT, may have been the greatest horror experience to date (sorry, Get Out)… but Halloween is over and this meme should be too.

Source: Twitter

Keep Calm And… Move On

This one manages to poke its head up every now and again, but it should go the way of the Dodo bird and just go extinct. Did you know this originated from the British government preparing for World War I? Let’s keep it there where it’s best placed, OK? And while we are at it, the dab can go, too.

Source: Twitter

Kim Kardashian Crying Face

Lock this in a time capsule marked for the 20th century and let’s just forget about anything involving Kim Kardashian-West, shall we?

Source: Twitter

Tea-Drinking Kermit

Once upon a time, Kermit the Frog was cute and adorable. Now, he’s just tired and exhausting. Seeing the former Muppet-turned-meme sippin’ tea, soaking in all the gossip is still social media’s favorite past time, but it’s now the moment for the frog and this image to go.

Source: Twitter

Good vs. Evil Kermit

This includes this one, too, guys. If you want to see the Force take itself on, watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Source: Twitter

Arthur Fist

Hell, Arthur had a pretty solid two-year-run with his memes and innuendos, but the “Arthur Fist” meme has become womp-womp status thanks to LeBron James and ESPN. Let’s move on, shall we?

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