Hillary Clinton Talks Trump, Jay Z & Memes On 'The Breakfast Club'

Hillary Clinton Talks Trump, Jay Z & Memes On 'The Breakfast Club'

Hillary Clinton stopped by The Breakfast Club this Wednesday morning to discuss gun policy, memes, Donald TrumpJay Z and much more with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God.

Starting off the 30 minute interview was the discussion of Clinton's presidency and how historical it is (and how even more historical it will be if she is elected), which then led into her views on gun control, both in regards to general access and the use of firearms by police officers.

"We need better police training. I think there should be national standards on the use of legal force," Hillary said. "I think one of the big problems we've got — and police tell me this — is most police don't know how to deal with mental health problems. So we need better mental health response."

The group then discusses the recent announcement of Jay Z's upcoming Ohio concert in support of Clinton.

"I'm thrilled to have his support because I think one of the biggest jobs that I will face — assuming everything goes well — is how are we going to heal all these divides," Hillary said.

The conversation then takes a hilarious turn, as Clinton addresses some of these memes that have been created about her during her presidential campaign, including the infamous tweet that compared her presidential debate outfits to the styles of Death Row Records.

"I think Death Row and a lot of other fashion sources have influenced my look. Don't you," Hillary said.

Charlamagne also introduced Hillary to the word "deadass," which was an entertaining exchange too.

The group also took the time to celebrate Clinton's birthday, who turned 69 today. Stevie Wonder popped up to sing the presidential candidate "Happy Birthday," as well as voiced his support of her too.

You can watch the entire interview below. Wonder shows up around the 21:10 mark.