traveling to philadelphia rocky statue
traveling to philadelphia rocky statue
While Philly might be infamous for its Cheesesteak and its historic landmarks, it’s also home to impressive museums and cherished restaurants. Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Here's How To Enjoy a Philadelphia Day Trip on the Cheap

A Philadelphia day trip that includes Cheesteak, museums, and more is feasible even with a tight budget. 

In the age of COVID-19, finding a way to get out of your comfort zone might look like taking a day trip to a nearby city. Located under two hours from NYC Philadelphia is a destination that could prove worthwhile, especially for those on a limited budget. While Philly might be infamous for its Cheesesteak and its historic landmarks, it’s also home to impressive museums and cherished restaurants. We’ve put together a list of go-to spots in Philadelphia with a budget of $150 including food, art, and more. 

African American Museum in Philadelphia 

The African American Museum in Philadelphia is a must. While this space isn’t as expansive as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, its works are just as pertinent. Start your journey in the Colonial era and you’ll walk a bit through the Reconstruction and eventually you’ll be led to the present on the upper levels. When you enter the first floor you’re greeted by Reconstruction-era Philadelphians via a set of video installations. The uppermost level currently features key pieces from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts graduate Richard J. Watson.

Daily Price: $14/Adult Ticket


Shannon Maldonado has made a name for herself after bringing her well-curated homewares shop Yowie to Philadelphia. You should come for pieces you didn’t know you needed like colorful Yowie merch for your work-from-home attire; Cold Picnic rugs you’ve only seen on Instagram; and mini Sophie Lee Jacobsen glasses. The store has a calming vibe throughout that’ll convince you to swing by whenever you’re in the area. 

October Gallery

Located in Northwest Philly, October Gallery is still operating as one of the oldest Black-owned art galleries in the nation. Travelers passing through should know that this institution founded in 1985 prides itself on being involved in its community and regularly spearheads events. In addition to hosting, the gallery appears at the Philadelphia International Art Expo every year. 

Daily Price: Free

Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

In 2015, the Black woman-owned Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse first opened its doors. If you happen to have time to check it out, you’ll be pleased to know it was founded with a mission of providing inclusivity and representation for Black nerds. Within the shop, you’ll find an assortment of comics, toys, comic-centric magazines, games, and much more. 

Jim’s South Street 

If you’re looking for an option to kick back and relax but also enjoy an authentic Philly cheesesteak look no further. Jim’s South Street usually has a lengthy line, but once you’re in you’ll be too worried about the scents coming from the grills to realize how long you’ve been waiting.

Bring $20 for Philly Cheesesteak/per person. 

The Olde Bar 

The Olde Bar is a no-nonsense oyster bar and cocktail lounge ideal for foodies. It’s intimate enough for a date night, but it’s also well-fit for a small group of friends. Rather than played-out bar snacks, the menu features delicious oysters and tasty main course options like frites, a filling crab cake, and even fried chicken. Don’t forget about the cocktail menu and wine list which will pair well with your main dishes or appetizers. 

Bring $70 for drinks and food/per person.