First Look Friday: Ane Is Not Just Another Girl, She’s A Force To Take Notice

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Photo of ANE taken by Garrett Clare for Okayplayer.
Photo of ANE taken by Garrett Clare for Okayplayer.

Photo of ANE taken by Garrett Clare for Okayplayer.

If you’re like us then you like your music with a bit of contradiction. However you may call it… sophistiratchet (“Bad & Boujee”) or intelligent gangsta (Styles P) or whatever — you just know you’re not into cookie cutter music that was produced in a lab somewhere. With that said, allow us to introduce you to not just another pretty face, New Jersey’s own Ane. Pronounced “Ann-nee,” this beautiful Korean-American singer-songwriter has music that make you think as well as consume you from head-to-toe. Fusing the best elements from pop, soul and electro, Ane’s sound is a sheer contrast of old school grooves + today’s sounds that makes for an appetizing delight for anyone’s earholes.

Not bad for somebody who grew up without a TV for most of her childhood, right? After coming of age, Ane settled for New York City where she embarked on a musical journey that led to her being a distinctive voice within the city that never sleeps. Representing an evolution, “A New Era,” or ANE is just as impressive as her voice. Not one to shy away from the tough questions of life, songs like “Superwoman” and “Take Me To Hollywood,” represent an artist who is constantly adjusting to an industry, nay a world, that continuously changes around her yet doesn’t have enough to distract her from her goal.

Nothing is quite what it seems with Ane as you’ll read in this week’s First Look Friday feature. We were fortunate to have her come into office so Garrett Clare could capture her mysterious energy. Quick note: Ane will be performing at Uptown Soul Lounge on Jan. 27, so get your RSVP on and check her out! And equally cool was to be able to show off her latest video, “R.S.D.,” which stands for the words in the chorus but also allude to being a drug. According to the artist who was inspired by The BeatlesStevie Wonder and TLC — “R.S.D. is a song about toxic love,” she explained to us. “It is the kind of love that captivates you and consumes you at the same time. You blindly fall into this trap where you would rather crash and burn together than make it out alone.”  Sounds like some powerful stuff, right? Well, without any further ado, we present Ane as our First Look Friday — she talks about developing as an artist, what obstacles she’s overcome and shares the inspiration behind a song she’s never put out.

Be sure to also press play on the “R.S.D.” video and enjoy learning about this new and engaging voice from New Jersey!

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