Mixtape Monday: Spectacular Diagnostics, All Hail Y.T. x Benji Socrates, Edo G. x Insight Innovates, Nuxsense, Fatt Father + More

Karas Lamb Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard…
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Spectacular Diagnostics, All Hail Y.T. x Benji Socrates, Edo G. x Insight Innovates, Nuxsense, Fatt Father and more this Mixtape Monday.

Spectacular Diagnostics is up first with Natural Mechanics, Knowledge The Pirate returns with Hidden Treasure, All Hail Y.T. & Benji Socrates drop the Deluxe Drugz Collection, Edo G. & Insight make their self-titled debut, Nuxsense take A sacred journey… and FATT FATHER is back with Soccer Dad.

Eddou XL is introspective on SP Gillespie, jaH-Monte OF MELENATED PEOPLE returns with TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE, TULIP88 drops In These Dreams, jesepy. makes the cut with the bloodtinge mixtape, Freddy Stone delivers God Isn’t Bias and Sleep Sinatra is back in the mix with DIVINENATION. The Other Guys return with Spring In Analog 2, Ol’ Burger Beats presents Monologue. and Blue Lab Beats close this week with We Will Rise.


Spectacular Diagnostics – Natural Mechanics

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Following standout albums RAW STUDIES and the more recent RAW UNKNOWN, Spectacular Diagnostics is back with Natural Mechanics.

Knowledge The Pirate – Hidden Treasure

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Knowledge The Pirate raises the bar following Flintlock and Black Cesar with Hidden Treasure produced by E.L.E.M.N.T.

All Hail Y.T. x Benji Socrates – Deluxe Drugz Collection

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All Hail Y.T. drops a set for the streets with the arrival of the Deluxe Drugz Collection featuring Volumes 1-3 produced by Benji Socrates.

Edo G. x Insight Innovates – Edo G. & Insight Innovates

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Edo G. & Insight Innovates celebrate their collaborative debut with the release of a self-titled album brimming with raw, uncut hip-hop.

Nuxsense – A Sacred Journey…

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Six-piece collective Nuxsense make noise for Dublin with a flurry of bars across A sacred journey through the golden path.

FATT FATHER – Soccer Dad

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Keeping the heat coming, FATT FATHER follows 2020’s King Father and the more recent Gratitude with Soccer Dad produced by Foul Mouth.

Eddou XL – SP Gillespie

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Eddou XL follows Loops DELUXE [Beat Tape] and Refreshments with the introspective archival concept project SP Gillespie.


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Back in top form, jaH-Monte OF MELENATED PEOPLE follows Next Question Please with TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE.

TULIP88 – In These Dreams

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Nottingham representative and Future Bubblers alum TULIP88 follows Beats & Words Vol. 1 with the solid new album In These Dreams.

jesepy. – bloodtinge mixtape

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jesepy. puts on for South Africa with introspective lyricism and minimal production across the experimental bloodtinge mixtape.

Freddy Stone – God Isn’t Bias

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Following 2020’s Yellow EP and Barefoot In Boston at the top of 2021, Freddy Stone celebrates new life with God Isn’t Bias.

Sleep Sinatra – DIVINENATION

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Always prolific, Sleep Sinatra is back to follow ROUTES and Sleep Gloriously with DIVINENATION produced by SINAI.

The Other Guys – Spring In Analog Season 2

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Experts at celebrating the seasons, The Other Guys dig deep to drop yet another gem with the release of Spring In Analog 2.

Ol’ Burger Beats – Monologue

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Ol’ Burger Beats is back to follow the Vuyo collaborative album Dialogue. with the instrumental edition titled Monologue.

Blue Lab Beats – We Will Rise

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Following the standout album Voyage, Blue Lab Beats return with We Will Rise featuring Ghetto Boy, Braxton Cook, Kojey Radical and many more.

Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard yet. She wants to listen to your music. Follow her on Twitter @karaslamb.

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