Mos Def Roots Picnic 2019
Mos Def Roots Picnic 2019
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Yasiin Bey Reveals He Has Unreleased Music With MF DOOM

Say It Ain't So! Yasiin Bey Closes Out Career at D.C.'s Kennedy Center Photo Credit: Jati Lindsay/Kennedy Center for Okayplayer.

Bey recently had the United States debut for his Negus "listening installation" at the Brooklyn Museum.

Yasiin Bey recently debuted his Negus "listening installation" at the Brooklyn Museum. He's also been working on a new Black Star album alongside Talib Kweli and Madlib, which he recently declared was coming "soon, soon!"

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Although the album will ultimately see the light of day sooner than later, Bey still has a handful of other projects and unreleased music that he may or may not ever share.

In an interview with Vibe, Bey revealed that he has unreleased music with MF DOOM. After being asked about the status of his record with Mannie Fresh, Bey said:

All of that is on deck, and you know what? It’s interesting because it’s similar to the process with negus. I have these really special projects. I still have them — Black Star, Mannie Fresh, stuff with me and DOOM on the low. I have stuff with me and Madlib, I work with Glasper and Trill.

"But it's all for me, and solely for me, it's about a matter of placement," he continued. "Where things go. For me, these works are living organisms. Putting them in the proper environment is just as key as making useful work. So for me, where it goes is just as important as what it is, particularly at this point."

When asked about the DOOM record, Bey spoke further on it, saying: "I have some unreleased music with DOOM, and I have unreleased material that I’ve been doing at different performances and venues, which I do like to do."

Read the rest of the interview, where Bey also discusses Negus, getting into visual art, and more, here.

Source: Vibe