World’s Fair “Sammy Sosa” + Bastards of The Party Artwork & Tracklisting

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World's Fair

Sammy Sosa

I’ll take full advantage of any opportunity to post a frightening reminder of what that skin bleaching life will leave you looking like (why Sosa? why?). Queens collective, World’s Fair, provide me with the the ally with their new track “Sammy Sosa” (Black Noi$e on the beat). The hard hitting track serves as the final leak off their upcoming debut LP, Bastards of The Party, set to drop next Tuesday (9/3) via Fool’s Gold. Listen to Jeff Donna, Cody B.Ware, Nasty Nigel, and Remy Banks, do work, below – “move to Barcelona bleach my skin like Sammy Sosa.” You can also find the album art and tracklisting below.

World's Fair

1. Pre-Game
Produced by Northern Lights

2. ’96 Knicks
Produced by Black Noi$e

3. Heathrow (Children Of The Night)
Produced by Thelonious Martin

4. Sammy Sosa (Jeff Donna, Cody B. Ware, Nasty Nigel & Remy Banks)
Produced by Black Noi$e

5. Get Out (Prince SAMO, Nasty Nigel & Remy Banks)
Produced by Black Noi$e

6. Nem Diggas
Produced by Jansport J

7. V.S.O.P. (Cody B. Ware, Prince SAMO, Remy Banks, Nasty Nigel & Lansky Jones)
Produced by Nick Catchdubs

Produced by Chuk LeGarcon

9. Wave Ride (Cody B. Ware, Nasty Nigel & Prince SAMO)
Produced by Black Noi$e

10. B.O.T.P (Nasty Nigel, Prince SAMO, Cody B. Ware & Jeff Donna)
Produced by SPVCE

11. Your Girls Here PT. II (Cody B. Ware, Jeff Donna, Remy Banks & Prince SAMO)
Produced by by SPVCE

12. Rear View (Remy Banks, Lansky Jones & Cody B. Ware)
Produced by Black Noi$e

13. Blacklisted
Produced by Black Noi$e & SPVCE

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