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Photo Credit: ABC13 Houston

Veteran "Wanna Be A Baller" Rapper Lil Troy Escapes Fierce Truck Fire in Texas

Escaping a 18-wheeler fire on a Texas highway, "Wanna Be A Baller" rapper Lil Troy is giving thanks after leaving the situation uninjured.

Lil Troy, who emerged from the Houston rap scene in 1999 with his gold-certified hit "Wanna Be A Baller", safely escaped a dangerous fire that engulfed his 18-wheeler truck on Monday. The rapper, now an owner of Birklett Trucking Company as reported by Houston Chronicle, survived the incident while driving home from Arkansas on Interstate-10 on a Texas highway.

In a ABC13 news report, Lil Troy recounted the incident, giving a tour of his home and certified-gold plaque for "Wanna Be A Baller". His 1998 debut Sittin' Fat Down South was certified platinum, but after the release of his 2006 album Paperwork, Lil Troy's career made a detour into the trucking route.

Prior to the trucking fire, Lil Troy noticed smoke under his hood. While nearly everything in the 18-wheeler was destroyed once the fire spread, Lil Troy was able to flee with his glasses, keys and phone. Documenting the fire being put out on his Instagram,

"Yesterday I had the scare of my life and the Blessing of my life," he captioned. "My truck caught on fire while I was driving on the freeway and I was bless that I was able to get out of traffic and pull over and get out the truck with no nobody getting hurt GOD IS good."

Lil Troy shared his appreciation for no one being hurt and having a second chance at life with ABC13.

“I started thinking about my family, worrying about [them needing] me. It’s not my time to go now, I just have to stay calm," he said.

Poking fun at the fire, in the ABC13 report, Troy also referenced lyrics from "Wanna Be A Baller".

“If you notice, I hit the ‘highway, making money the fly way’,  you know what I’m saying? So, truck driving is the new way.”