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Trump Proposes Reinstating Stop And Frisks To Combat Black on Black Crime

Trump Proposes Reinstating Stop And Frisks To Combat Black on Black Crime

Donald Trump

Yet another head shaking moment from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. You would think all these jaw dropping Trump headlines were sensationalized until you read his direct quotes and see they’re even worse than the headlines would suggest. In a Fox news town hall billed as a ‘Meeting on African-American Concerns,” Trump was asked how he would address “black-on-black crime.” Trump in his own words:

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Yes, the same stop-and-frisk tactics that were used in NYC and were ruled unconstitutional in 2013 because they clearly resulted in racial profiling. As a black man who resided in NY throughout that whole campaign and was a victim of stop and frisks on more than one occasion and saw neighbors deal with the same b.s. I can definitively say it did nothing but enrage the communities that were clearly targeted and lead to further distrust of law enforcement in communities populated by people of color.I know I for one in no way felt safer. By the way, crime has fallen to record lows in NYC since the cut back on stop-and-frisks.

Trump continues to miss the point when it comes to communicating with people of color. So he tells us we’re in the worst shape that we’ve ever been in as a people, and that we have nothing to lose so we should vote for him, and then when asked directly about a solution, this is his suggestion? Nevermind actually taking steps to improve these communities and balance out the obvious inequalities by finding ways to create more jobs, put more money into the school systems etc., no let’s just treat everyone like they’re criminals and think we’re solving the problem. Can’t say I’m surprised, this pretty much falls right in line with his proposed policies on immigration.

The full interview is set to air on Fox News Thursday night.

H/T: Huffington Post


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