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Trailblazing Transgender Soul Singer Jackie Shane Dies at 78

Trailblazing Transgender Soul Singer Jackie Shane Dies at 78

Transgender Soul Singer Jackie Shane Dies at 78
Source: Numero Group

Renowned transgender soul singer Jackie Shane died in her sleep on Friday (Feb. 22) at the age of 78. Complete details of her death have not been released; however, the archival label Numero Group, tweeted that a memorium will soon follow.

In a statement released by Numero Group, A&R Douglas Mcgowan described Shane as “a visionary who will never be forgotten, and will be recognized by more and more people as one of the greatest soul singers of all time.” In reference to her newfound modern acclaim, Megowan said:

She said many times that she was humbled by all the acclaim lavished on her in the year and a half since our record. To this she’d rarely fail to add that she never asked for any of this, but felt it was fate.

Having began her career in Tennessee, the singer had a strong connection to the musical landscape of the South and was closely associated with artists such as Joe Tex and Little Richard. Shane relocated to Toronto in the 1960s, but returned home in 1971 to care for her unwell mother. The singer withdrew from the public eye after this. It wasn’t until Numero Group worked with Shane to release Any Other Way, a compilation album encompassing the whole of her career, that her artistry re-entered popular conversation. The album’s box set, released in 2017, received a Grammy nomination in 2019 for best historical album.

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