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Baby Can I Hold You - Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman Sues Nicki Minaj Over "Baby Can I Hold You" Sample


Tracy Chapman has reportedly sued Nicki Minaj for copyright infringement.

Suit documents obtained by Pitchfork, state that Minaj's unreleased track “Sorry,” featuring Nas interpolates Chapman’s 1988 song, “Baby Can I Hold You.”

In the suit, Chapman claims that Nicki’s song “incorporates the lyrics and vocal melody of [“Baby Can I Hold You”], its most recognizable and memorable parts.” And that Nicki used “these parts of [“Baby Can I Hold You”] without first seeking the authorization to do so.” The suit documents also state that ChapMan’s track’s “lyrics and vocal melody comprise approximately half of [“Sorry”], and are easily recognizable and identifiable as Chapman’s.”

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Chapman is suing Nicki for damages and to prevent Minaj from releasing her track “Sorry.”

Minaj released "Sorry" in August when Funkmaster Flex premiered the track. It did not appear on her album, Queen.

Before the release of her album, Minaj publicly asked Tracy Chapman to clear the sample. She later tweeted “Sis said no," which was presumed to be in reference to Chapman and the clearance.

According to TMZ, Nicki’s team “made multiple requests” in June to license “Baby Can I Hold You” and were denied.