Summer Glo Cover Art
Summer Glo Cover Art

OKP Premiere: The Dividends Bring Bright R&B Vibes On "Summer Glo" ft. Sam Lao

The Dividends S1 Summer Glo Press Photo Large

On their new single "Summer Glo," The Dividends capture a moment of bliss, a warm weather sort of peace that any listener who's been outdoors in the last three months should know very well. Built of acrobatic keyboard hits and bass that flows fast despite its syrupy texture, the neo-R&B track deals in deep escape; this is the sound of sunlight as it hits the water and breaks into a thousand jewels. A song to spend your vacation days with.

Despite their sprawling breadth of sound, only two people comprise The Dividends: producer/songwriter Symbolic One (aka S1) and multitalented vocalist Sarah Jaffe. They come toting ample bonafides, including a Grammy Award for writing and production work on Eminem's "Bad Guy," and S1's membership in the frequent-Erykah Badu-collaborators The Cannabinoids.

Jaffe hails from Dallas, and along with touring extensively has released a trove of excellent material under her own name. Darting from folk to R&B and back, her vocal range seems to know no limits, and "Summer Glo" gives her plenty open space to explore. S1, for his part, has worked with the likes of Kanye West, Beyonce and Madonna; it's his big-league experience that makes this one so presently patient.

In an exchange with Okayplayer, both members of The Dividends recalled the making of "Summer Glo."

"S1 sent me this track two summers ago when we first started working together, Jaffe said. "When he first sent me the track in 2013 I wrote the hook and we both intended to shop it a bit but then, as fate would have it, we both got really busy. This past May we decided that we didn't wanna let another summer go by without putting this track out. As an added bonus we had the pleasure of Sam Lao joining in. She of course kills it per usual."

S1 called the track "A song that brings a feeling of those unforgettable summer moments that we were used to back in the days but still representing the now." Timeless in its lush repose, it's a perfect addition to your August playlists. Stream the world premiere of "Summer Glo" below.