tabi Bonney - "Poom Poom"

tabi Bonney - "Poom Poom"

by karaslamb
July 28, 2014 1:47 PM

Tabi Bonney Reintroduces Himself To Fans With The Ecclectic Electro Club Banger "Poom Poom" Produced By Best Kept Secret.

tabi Bonney reintroduces himself with the new single “Poom Poom” – an eclectic electro banger that speaks to his artistic evolution and packs a bright vibe for the summer. The latest tune from the man behind “The Pocket” reflects a discerning ear and a distinct deviation from the go-go drums and D.C. slang that first endeared him to a national audience. Sticking with his affinity for quirky melodies and catchy adlibs, tabi Bonney lends his flow and its unique swing to a pulsating club jam from District-bred production duo Best Kept Secret that moves seamlessly from the drop-top to the discotheque. Check the track below to listen to “Poom Poom.” Purchase the single via iTunes. Stay tuned for more from tabi Bonney.

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