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Ta-Ku Casts A Spell On New Re-Remix Of Flume’s “Left Alone” ft. Chet Faker

Ta-Ku Casts A Spell On New Re-Remix Of Flume’s “Left Alone” ft. Chet Faker

Ta-ku Flume Remix Chet Faker Left Alone

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The Perth-based, globe-trotting genre-killer known as Ta-ku has just fired off another flare of a single. This time his target is a familiar one–the producer has just released a haunting remix to Flume‘s “Left Alone,” which features guest vocals from electro soul favorite Chet Faker, and has more than enough open spaces through which Ta-ku can sneak in and go to work.

The new upload from ‘ku has been labeled a “reremix,” and astute fans who’ve got their Soundcloud game on lockdown will know just exactly what that means. Ta-ku already laid hands on “Left Alone” some months ago, and offered up a remix that was fiercely progressive, loaded with massive bass and gun clip snares. This brand new rework, though, is decided gentler, a perfect bit of sound for anyone looking out the window at a rainy grey sky. Ta-ku collaborated with Gravez on track, which comes loaded with giant synth chords to be sure, but also hangs back with a slacker tempo and more open space than its predecessor. Pitch-bent keyobard lines and muddled vocals (is that Chet’s original line or are we hearing your own pipes, Mr. ‘ku?) close out the track, which ultimately slithers away into a gorgeous aether of echoing bass. It’s just the sort of smart, and textured material that Ta-ku is known for, and will most definitely belongs on your after-dark playlists. Listen to the reremix of “Left Alone” below.

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