Suge Knight Sues Dr. Dre For Allegedly Hiring Hit-Man To Kill Him

Suge Knight Sues Dr. Dre For Allegedly Hiring A Hit-Man To Kill Him

by zo
October 24, 2016 5:14 PM

Suge Knight Sues Dr. Dre For Allegedly Hiring A Hit-Man To Kill Him

Just when you thought Suge Knight couldn’t possibly do any more damage to his reputation or that of his former constituents, the one-time Death Row Records tyrant reminds us that real-life can be stranger than fiction. According to TMZ, a new lawsuit filed against Dr. Dre by Knight’s lawyer claims that his client had a lifetime management deal in place with Dre, which entitled him to 30% of Dre’s total entertainment earnings. But, of course, there’s more. The suit also claims that in 2014, Dre had hired a hit-man to snuff out Knight in an effort to sever ties with him upon Apple’s $1 billion acquisition of Beats By Dre, which, if true, would score Knight a whopping $300,000,000.

And it doesn’t stop there either. The suit names Universal for paying a Cle “Bone” Sloan $300,000, one of the two men Knight had run over with his car while on-set for Straight Outta Compton, to be the so-called hit-man. Yeah, it’s a mess, and more than likely Suge Knight’s last-ditch effort to free himself from what will surely be a very long prison sentence stemming from that hit-and-run incident (not to mention decades of terrorizing hip-hop at large, though there’s no official charge for that.) But don’t think Dr. Dre’s camp is taking any of this lightly. According to Pitchfork, Dre’s attorney, Howard King, has already clapped back in a statement:

“Given that Dre has had zero interaction with Suge since leaving Death Row Records in 1996, we hope that Suge’s lawyer has lots of malicious prosecution insurance.”


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