Stream The New Instrumental LP from Thelonious Martin – ‘Late Night Programming’

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Thelonious Martin

Thelonious Martin

After releasing his U4ME and Static EPs earlier this year, Thelonious Martin just dropped his long awaited full-length project this past Friday. The Chicago producer comes through with 10 new tracks on the thematic release, Late Night Programming. The album has Thelonious’ signature soul samples with late night infomercial inspired beats. Says Thelonious of the project:

As a child in a single parent home, while mother was away, the television heavily influenced my tastes, from watching Chapelle’s Show way before I was supposed to, to Adult Swim becoming the thing I swear by to this day, and my infatuation with hilarious infomercials. This album is a by-product of my upbringing and digs a bit deeper than my previous album Wünderkid… It’s the length of a television episode minus the commercials, if you let the project loop, it feels like a re-run that you don’t mind watching again.

While Thelonious has produced for a wide range of emcees over the years, he keeps things completely instrumental with this project. You can stream Late Night Programming below, and cop via iTunes – do it, it slaps.

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