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Stacey Dash Loses Job As Contributor At Fox News

Stacey Dash Loses Job As Contributor At Fox News

Stacey Dash Loses Job At Fox News

Stacey Dash has been the subject of controversy as a conservative commentator in recent years, but now she has lost her largest platform.

According to a report by The Hill, Fox News has declined to renew Dash’s contributor contract. Dash is most known as an actress, for her role in the 1995 comedy Clueless, but she surprised many in 2012 when she revealed that she was a Republican voter, and endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

Dash began a new career path when she signed a contract with Fox News in 2014. She primarily appeared on the afternoon news discussion show “Outnumbered,” and was frequently chastised on Twitter for her views. For example: In January 2016, on an episode of “Fox and Friends,” she compared segregation to BET and Black History Month, arguing that both entities should be done away with.

Her Twitter infamy continues today, as the actress’ name is trending from this weekend’s news of her contract.

Fox also declined to renew the contracts of longtime commentator and Pulitzer-winning columnist George Will and Republican strategist Ed Rollins.


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