Snoop Dogg Speaks On His Stevie Wonder Collab

Snoop Dogg Tells The Tale Of Collaborating With Stevie Wonder On New LP 'Bush'

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As we inch closer and closer to the release date of Bush, Snoop Dogg‘s upcoming all-Pharrell-produced LP, more and more funky tales of the album’s creation continue to leak. Now, the Doggfather himself has confirmed that he used the promise of a harmonica feature to lure R&B legend Stevie Wonder into the studio for a feature session.

Bush already benefits from the sunny vocal work of the The Gap Band‘s Charlie Wilson, but at a point near the record’s completion, HipHopDX reports that Snoop realized he needed another funky arrow in his quiver. “This shit would be dope if we put Stevie Wonder on there,” Snoop recalled. “And then Pharrell was like, ‘You think you can get it?’ I’m like, ‘Hell yeah I can get it.”

“They got him right on the phone and I was like, ‘Unc, what’s happenin?’ I’m with Pharrell, we in the studio, we got a record for you. He was like, ‘Pharrell?’ I’m like, ‘We got one, n**ga, me, you and P. It’s so motherfucking magical right now. Could you just come play the harmonica on it?’ He was like, ‘I’ll be there.'”

The harmonica promise was enough to lure Stevie over (although really, can you believe it was that hard to convince even Mr. Wonder to join in on a Snoop Dogg-Pharrell joint?), and from there Snoop managed to coax some vocal work out of him. You can read more about the whole ordeal over at HipHopDX. Bush drops May 12th, and in a weekend interview with The Guardian, Snoop confirmed that he sings on much of the record, and that first and foremost a funky “It’s a different sound, a different style – it’s probably only 30% rap and 70% singing, which is unheard of for a Snoop record.” Bootsy Collins, Gwen Stefani and Kendrick Lamar have all been confirmed as features on Bush, which might very well become the funkiest effort the Doggfather has ever put forth.

“The Bush approach is more about the party. Point blank. It has no age limit and no time variant – it’s just about the party. The party don’t ever die. There is always a party, whether it’s a birthday party or a house-warming party or a party in a club, and we wanted to represent the party, and represent sexy, and we wanted to represent soul and funk and elements that inspired us as kids, me and Pharrell. We wanted to tap into an era of music that felt like a throwback but also brand new,” Snoop told The Guardian.

You can pre-order Bush on iTunes today.

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