Shaun King's Family Targeted By "Anonymous Troll" Who Filed False Child Abuse Claims 
Shaun King's Family Targeted By "Anonymous Troll" Who Filed False Child Abuse Claims 
Source: New York Daily News/YouTube

Family Of Man Accused Of Murdering Jazmine Barnes Gets Death Threats After Shaun King Shares His Name

Shaun King's Family Targeted By "Anonymous Troll" Who Filed False Child Abuse Claims\u00a0 Source: New York Daily News/YouTube

Turns out that Robert Cantrell had no involvement in the death of Jazmine Barnes.

Even though the men reponsible for the death of 7-year-old girl Jazmine Barnes have been arrested, the family of a man wrongly accused of killing Jazmine by activist Shaun King continues to be harassed and threatened on social media.

A mugshot of Robert Cantrell was widely circulated throughout social media prior to the arrest of Eric Black and Larry Woodruffe, the two men involved with the murder case. The image was shared by King in a now-deleted Twitter post as ABC7 Chicago reports, with the activist captioning the picture with the following: "We've had 20 people call or email us and say he is a racist, violent (expletive) and always has been. Just tell me everything you know."

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With the mugshot resembling a sketch image the Harris County Sheriff's Office released last week made by descriptions of the person made by Jazmine's family, Cantrell was presumed to be the one who fatally shot Jazmine, as well as injured other family members in the car with the girl. Now, Cantrell and his family are still facing threats on social media even though he didn't commit the murder.

"I hear, 'Someone is going to rape, torture and murder the women and children in your family," Hailey Cantrell, Cantrell's niece, said, referring to a comment she received on her Facebook page.

Hailey even admitted that she was afraid her uncle actually shot and killed Jazmine, although that wasn't the case.

"I just want everyone to back off. The truth is out. It had nothing to do with us, nothing to do with my uncle at all," she said.

King hasn't issued an apology or statement directed at Cantrell. In a string of tweets from Sunday, January 6, he did tweet the following about Cantrell: "It appears that man was an innocent bystander who fled, actually fearing for his life as well. He was not the shooter."

Still, some have called out the activist for wrongly accusing Cantrell of the murder.

Source: ABC7 Chicago