SelfSays - 'Sleeves' EP [Stream]

OKP Premiere: SelfSays - 'Sleeves' EP [Stream]

Lansing Representative SelfSays Returns With A Full Stream Of The 'Sleeves' LP, Dropping Via Earnest Endeavours.

Lansing representative SelfSays returns with a full stream of the 5-track Sleeves EP, out today via UK label Earnest Endeavours. The follow-up to his 2012 April EP, the project features production from fLako, Stray, mfp and Doc Illingsworth. The EP opens with the title track – an electric treatise that finds SelfSays running through his faults and anxieties before jumping into the subsequent tracks – also full of awkward moments, personality quirks and persistent swing. Combining a killer delivery and realist’s candor with gritty boom-bap and an undeniable groove, SelfSays’ latest project is a booster shot of rhythmic heat made that much more impressive by the melodic, conversational flow capping each track. Keeping things funky, SelfSays rounds the project out with a dedication to his Grandma. Anyone thirsty for a dose of the real – as in real life rap – need look no further. Check the tracks below to stream the Sleeves EP. Grab the free download of the project via Bandcamp. Stay tuned for more from SelfSays.

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