Sean Reed Fatal Police Shooting Victim
Sean Reed Fatal Police Shooting Victim
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Indianapolis Detective Suspended For Making "Closed Casket" Joke After Sean Reed Shooting

The police detective was heard making the remark in a live video that Sean Reed streamed during the fatal police chase.

The Indianapolis police detective caught on video saying Sean Reed would need a "closed casket" following the fatal shooting of the 21-year-old has been suspended.

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In a report from NBC News, the detective received a suspension of numerous days and has been reassigned to another unit. The identities of the detective, as well as the officer who fatally shot Reed have not been released. However, it has been shared that both officers are African American.

The detective's remarks were caught on a Facebook Live stream that Reed began during the police chase that led to his death on May 6. He can be heard saying, "I think it's going to be a closed casket, homie." Four thousand people reportedly tuned into the Facebook Live video that included the police chase and fatal shooting.

Hours after the incident, the Indianapolis Star reported between 100 to 150 protestors showed up to speak out about the shooting. They chanted “Murder! Murder!” in addition to “No Justice! No Peace!” One activist shared, “We deserve better. I am disgusted, horrified, tired and angry.”

Police said the shooting is currently being investigated by the department. A separate, independent internal investigation will also be conducted. The officer involved has been placed on administrative leave.

Source: NBC News