SassyBlack (of THEESatisfaction) - "Talkin Sh*t? Okay"

SassyBlack (of THEESatisfaction) - "Talkin Sh*t? Okay."

by karaslamb
October 17, 2015 5:24 PM

Sassy Black (Of THEESatisfaction) Returns With The New Self-Produced Single "Talkin Sh*t? Okay" From Her Forthcoming 'No More Lames' EP, Due Out In 2016.
(Photo by Victoria Kovios)

SassyBlack (of THEESatisfaction) returns with the new self-produced single “Talkin Sh*t? Okay” from her forthcoming No More Lame Dates EP, due out in 2016. The single follows the February release of THEESatisfaction’s EarthEE LP and a few loosies from SassyBlack. Setting her lousy dates and lame acquaintances to music, she makes it clear this go-round that she’s not deaf to the chatter coming from the folks in the peanut gallery:

“When you are winning, you will have folks that are talking trash about you. And sometimes those are the same folks who have been trying to get at you or are currently dating you. I just wanted folks to know that they aren’t slick and I can hear what they are saying.”

Check the track below to listen to “Talkin Sh*t? Okay.” Purchase the EarthEE LP via iTunes¬†and stay tuned for more from SassyBlack.

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