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Pass The Popcorn: Sneak Peak At RZA's Man W/ The Iron Fists [NSFW]

Last night Wu-consigliere The RZA tweeted out a gory pic of himself punching the eyeball right out of some poor fool’s socket. The image (after the jump) was a still from his forthcoming kung fu flick (kung-Wu?) The Man With The Iron Fists and it’s intended recipient was none other than screen legend and RZA’s co-star Pam Grier, who plays his mother in the film. The flick is slated to debut in the fall and in addition to Grier and the RZA-rector, stars Russell Crowe, and Lucy Liu, among others. Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth served as producers on the $20 million project. Indie Wire has the story, including a synopsis/preview based on an early screening–get a spoiler-free excerpt below and read the full thing here.

The film opens with a clan inside of what appears to be a small dojo. Slammed across with yellow lettering is “Quentin Tarantino Presents,” and above his name is the same in Chinese lettering. Blaring from the speakers are the thumping sounds of a RZA-produced track, while Ol’ Dirty Bastard is rapping over the track. Two fighters battle it out with freeze frames in between, to halt the action for the credits. The first thing you notice is the wonderful fight choreography. Not since The Matrix have the fighting scenes appear so beautiful orchestrated. The punches and kicks are well-planned out to make it seem fresh and new.

The RZA plays the narrator of the story, who reveals the plot to the audience; there is a transport of gold and nearly everyone wants it; but it’s up to the Lion Clan to protect their Emperor’s possessions.

The RZA still from The Man w/ The Iron Fists, Quentin Tarantino film

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