OKP News: Ali Shaheed Speaks On J Dilla, Nixes ATCQ Reunion + More [Interview]

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Interviews like this are one of the many reasons why the internet is an amazing place. Ali Shaheed Muhammad recently sat down with self-described Canadian urban authorities Montreality to discuss a variety of subjects for a detailed personal interview. In an unsurprising turn of events, A Tribe Called Quest's DJ/producer (and peer mediator, for those who have seen Michael Rappaport's 2011 Tribe documentary ...which should be everyone!) confirms that there is little to no chance of a group reunion anytime soon. We'd be lying if the we didn't say the news hurt our hearts a little, or that we didn't see it coming - but like many great things in life that inevitably come to an end, perhaps it's better to get some closure so we can move on with our fond memories intact. The clip finds Ali also touching on his relationships with late hip-hop icons J Dilla and Chris Lighty, as well as a short cameo from a fellow Tribe member - we'll let you try to guess which one. As far as beloved hip-hop icons go, Shaheed has always stood out to be one of the more humble and down-to-earth guys still on the scene, but anecdotes about first jobs and life before the fame always make for an enjoyable personal insight into the beginnings of the industry's greats. Check out the full interview below.

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