Psymun & Damacha - Serious Sauce Vol. 3 [Sampler]

Psymun & Damacha - Serious Sauce Vol. 3 [Sampler]

by shamz
March 27, 2013 6:40 PM


I just got put on to Minneapolis producer Psymun earlier this month, and everything I’ve heard from him since has been great. This time, Psymun teams with fellow producer Damacha for their collab album, Serious Sauce Volume 3. The project will be released via MJ MJ Records and will feature tracks with K. Raydio, Lipset, Rich Garvey, Prizm, Unfuh Qwittable (great name), and more. The full LP won’t be out ’til late April, but you can get a 7 minute sample of the Serious Sauce below (I like what I’m hearing).

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