Pooh Shiesty
Pooh Shiesty
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Pooh Shiesty Pleads Guilty To Single Firearms Conspiracy Charge

The 22-year-old rapper is currently being held at Miami's Federal Detention Center.

It’s been two months since Pooh Shiesty shared he’d be moving to accept a plea deal, now he's pleaded guilty to a single charge in court on Tuesday. The plea deal was in connection to a federal robbery case.

He’ll no longer have to worry about possibly serving a life sentence, despite allegedly shooting a man at a Florida hotel.

According to Rolling Stone, the charge is for a conspiracy to possess a firearm in furtherance of violent and drug-trafficking crimes. The publication notes, Shiesty’s “about-face and conviction on Count 1...led prosecutors to ditch the other three counts in his updated indictment.”

Pooh Shiesty’s plea led to prosecutors agreeing to suggest he’d serve no more than a 97-month sentence (eight years and one month). Magistrate Judge Lauren Fleischer Louis noted this outcome isn’t guaranteed.

At the moment, the 22-year-old rapper is being held at Miami’s Federal Detention Center. In July, a judge ordered that he was to remain in jail without bond while he awaits trial for robbery and firearms charges directly linked to an October 2020 incident. This incident included Shiesty and two accomplices allegedly shooting and robbing two others that were reportedly selling designer sneakers and cannabis. He was arrested on June 9 following an altercation with a security guard who was shot.

Back in October, per Rolling Stone, defense lawyer Bradford Cohen released the following statement: “We’ve entered into plea negotiations because there have been developments in the case that I think changed the dynamics of the case.”

Last month, Pooh Shiesty shared an Instagram post updating his fans. He shared he was at his best. Read the entire post below.