Peanut Butter Wolf Shares Early Cover Of Eazy-E Classic

Peanut Butter Wolf Shares His Early Cover Of Eazy-E's '87 Classic "Boyz N' The Hood"

by zo
August 17, 2015 12:23 PM

Peanut Butter Wolf Shares His Early Cover Of Eazy-E's '87 Classic "Boyz In The Hood"

Straight Outta ComptonĀ appears to be inspiring more than just the true-school heads in the three days since its box office debut. Peanut Butter Wolf (a fellow west-coaster and devout NWA enthusiast) seems to have caught the bug himself, perhaps best emphasized by the release of a rare and intimate glimpse at his early years on the left coast, particularly a backyard BBQ jam where PBW rocked a six-song-set, capped off with a cover of Eazy-E‘s ’87 game-changer “Boyz N’ The Hood,” assisted by local MC Spunky Spunk Dogg, who, despite your strongest inclination, was and is not the beta for Snoop. You can bear witness to that moment down below, along with a quick word from Peanut Butter Wolf on the occasion and how he came to meet Spunky in the first place.

“This recording is the only one I have with him from back then and we performed outside at the backyard of a BBQ on a Sunday afternoon for an audience of around 15-20 people. We did around 5 or 6 original songs we had made and 1 cover and for the cover, we chose the biggest rap song in LA at the time. My turntable kept skipping as it wasn’t a 1200 and nobody even really cheered. I don’t even recall people really paying attention, but we were having fun and it was our first and last show together as a group. This was in the summer of ’88, and soon after, I moved back to San Jose, where I eventually met Charizma and started all over again.”

Peanut Butter Wolf Tour Dates:
Aug 20 @ Jazz Cafe – London, United Kingdom
Aug 24 @ Sound Control – Manchester, United Kingdom
Aug 29 @ The Sugar Club – Dublin, Ireland

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