Pass The Popcorn: Lebron James Will Star In The Newly-Confirmed ‘Space Jam’ Sequel

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'Space Jam 2' Is Confirmed, Lebron James To Star

'Space Jam 2' Is Confirmed, Lebron James To Star

In 1996, Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes roster joined forces to bring us the hoop-driven big screen smash Space Jam. At the time, this writer was but 8 years-old, and though the only living vestige of that beloved bygone year of my life is the somehow still perfectly preserved website for the film (and the eternally dope soundtrack it produced,) suppose I (we) should have seen this coming.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the long-rumored sequel to Space Jam has officially been confirmed with NBA superstar Lebron James pegged for the starring role and Fast & The Furious director Justin Lin slated to be at the helm. Currently, Lin and writer Andrew Dodge are working on a script for the film with no production schedule or release date announced just yet, but if you’re familiar with Space Jam‘s retired-icon-wagers-his-planet-in-an-intergalactic-basketball-game formula, there will be few surprises, if any at all. At the end of the day, we can basically assume that nothing that comes from the reboot will stack up against the radiant greatness (or golden mediocrity, depending on how old you were at first viewing) of the OG title and its accompanying score. We’ll keep you abreast to any and all developments on Space Jam 2 as more details surface on the release. Until then, you can always revisit this writer’s personal love letter to the film and the music that defined a generation.



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