OKP News: Public Enemy to Release 2 New LPs This Year

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25 years and counting...if Public Enemy's career was a human being, it might be finishing up its master's degree in political science right about now. In an interview with Billboard, Chuck D announced that his group is in fact far from done with schooling these kids out here. Late this year, the PE crew will be releasing two new albums as companion pieces of sorts. Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear on No Stamp is due out this summer and will be dealing "with the whole movement of the people," while The Evil Empire of Everything, scheduled for fall, "deals with the situation of everything coming at you at once, like a blizzard." According to Chuck, "powerful songs and great collaborations" await us, with the likes of Brother Ali, Henry Rollins, Tom Morello, DMC, Bumpy Knuckles and Large Professor among its guests. Read another quote from Chuck explaining the album concepts after the jump, and stay tuned for more updates on this.

"They're twins, fraternal twins --not identical, but they will talk to each other. The statement with these albums isn't so much just within the content but in the audacity of the release, just like, 'What the hell? Two albums that bookend the summer? What the hell?!' But we know we've got a fan base that's kind of acclimated and used to albums because we were the first to come along and kind of bring a concept album to the hip-hop marketplace. So we oblige this year by doing not one, but two."