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Oklahoma Cop Who Killed Terence Crutcher Says Race Had ‘Nothing To Do With’ Shooting

Oklahoma Cop Who Killed Terence Crutcher Says Race Had ‘Nothing To Do With’ Shooting

Oklahoma Cop Who Killed Terence Crutcher Says Race Had 'Nothing To Do With' Shooting
Photo courtesy of NBC News

The Oklahoma police officer that fatally shot Terence Crutcher back in September of last year, has now come out to say that Crutcher’s race had no nothing to do with her shooting him.

As a part of a forthcoming episode of 60 Minutes that airs this Sunday, police officer Betty Shelby discusses the 2016 shooting that led to Crutcher’s death, saying that her decision to pull the trigger was not because of his race but because of his behavior and refusal to listen to her commands.

“I’m feeling that his intent is to do me harm, and I keep thinking, ‘Don’t do this. Please don’t do this. Don’t make this happen,'” Shelby tells CBS’ Bill Whitaker.

Shelby then discusses how she felt as she allegedly saw Crutcher drop his arms and reach into his car.

“And it’s fast. Just that would tell any officer that that man’s going for a weapon…I say with a louder, more intense voice, ‘Stop. Stop! Stop!’ and he didn’t. And that’s when I took aim.”

Also featured in the segment is Tiffany Crutcher, Terence’s twin sister, who refutes Shelby’s claims.

“Of course, she’s saying everything [that] she’s supposed to say to defend herself. What we saw on that video is what my dad always taught my brothers, taught us to do if we were pulled over by a police officer,” Tiffany Crutcher says. “‘Put your hands in the air and put your hands on the car.’ And my brother did what my father taught us.”

“We need our men and women in blue. But at the end of the day, they’re not warriors,” Tiffany adds. “They’re supposed to be our guardians.”

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Following the incident three videos were released, two of which were dashboard cameras from the cop cars. According to Rodney Goss, a pastor at the Morning Star Baptist Church in north Tulsa, the footage contradicted claims that Crutcher was not complying with police officers.

The video showed Crutcher only walking towards his vehicle and never reaching into it at all. Prior to that Crutcher had walked towards the officers with his hands raised to ask them for help after his car had broken down on the highway.

Shelby has been charged with first degree manslaughter in the case, with prosecutors accusing the officer of acting unreasonably when she shot Crutcher.


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