Nickelodeon Cartoon ‘Loud House’ To Feature Married Interracial Gay Couple

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Nickelodeon Cartoon 'Loud House' To Feature Married Interracial Gay Couple

Nickelodeon Cartoon 'Loud House' To Feature Married Interracial Gay Couple

Loud House, one of Nickelodeon’s newest TV series, made a monumental decision to feature a same-sex married couple into the show — a first for the children’s network.

According to a report from Entertainment Weekly character Clyde McBride’s parents Harold and Howard, are a gay, interracial married couple in the series. The characters will be voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald respectively. The show follows Lincoln Loud, the only boy of his family that’s also outnumbered by his 10 sisters. McBride serves as Lincoln’s best friend.

An excerpt from the forthcoming episode where McBride’s parents are introduced has been making its way around the Internet, with multiple Twitter users voicing their support of the decision. “Time to make history indeed! First married gay couple on a Nickelodeon cartoon!” one user wrote, while another tweeted “I feel like they handled that really well. Didn’t make it too obvious, let it feel natural and unassuming like a regular family.”

The short clip shows the parents dropping Clyde off at Lincoln’s house. The scene is absolutely relatable with the parents bringing an arsenal of items that Clyde probably doesn’t need for his overnight stay, including a family photo of the three of them. “He’s growing up so fast” cries Howard, to which Harold responds  “Remember what Dr. Lopez said about letting go: now let go.” It’s embarrassing and over the top — just like how most of our first sleepovers probably were when our parents dropped us off at a friend’s place.

This is what makes the clip so great: that it doesn’t make a huge deal out of the McBrides’ sexuality or race, but that they’re obviously overprotective — which is what most parents are even when their children have become adults.

The groundbreaking episode will be debuting this Wednesday (July 20) so if you’ve got cable make sure to check it out.

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