MoRuf - Shades.Of.Moo [Free LP]

MoRuf - Shades.Of.Moo [Free LP]

by shamz
November 12, 2013 7:06 PM


After hitting us with a handful of impressive leaks, including his dope ass James Blake flip yesterday, MoRuf now presents his full length release, Shades.Of.Moo. The Jersey based Romantic Movement representative hits us with 17 new tracks with production from Madlib, knxwledge, Like, THC, Iman Omari, MeLo-X, Ntu, and more. Jesse Boykins III and Chris Turner supply the only features, giving you the full opportunity to experience all that MoRuf has to offer on his latest release. Listen to Shades.Of.Moo, below.

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