Mixtape Mondays: Dego, DJ Rich Medina & Yoroku Saki

Mixtape Mondays: Dego, DJ Rich Medina & Yoroku Saki


Somehow we have managed to make it to June and it’s still a little overcast. A bit gloomy, even. Don’t fret. Summer has yet to decide whether it’s staying for good, but a good summer mix is a foolproof way to get over a crappy day. This week we’ve got mixes from Dego, Rich Medina and Yoroku Saki. Dego kicks off Mixtape Mondays this week with a set that will suffice even with a chance of rain. Rich Medina picks up the pace with a live set recorded during a recent jaunt to Paris. He warms it up with a little afrobeat and ends with a lesson in straight dope. Yoroku Saki rounds it out for the late night with a crazy set of jams that pay homage to the art of boogie. Check these tunes while you’re stapling the TPS reports. Don’t let Monday bring you down!

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