UK Crooner Mirror Signal Simers On new 'Herculean Task' EP

Mirror Signal Delivers Choice Neo-R&B On His New 'Herculean Task' EP

Mirror Signal Large

21 year-old Suffolk, England-based producer Mirror Signal dropped off a sleeper gem lat last month with his progressive soul-inflected Herculean Task EP. Comprised of four tracks that put Signal’s warm, comforting voice center stage, the album is a bold statement from the young artist–one that connects many of the dots between neo-soul’s radio days and the genre-bending culture of Soundcloud producers.

Lead-off track “One Day” serves up plenty of sepia-toned cool, but it’s Mirror Signal’s tender center that proves most alluring. “I am blinded by the light that’s meant to guide you,” he professes, admitting to being outmatched but not yet ready to give up. “Tell me the fears that you have and I’ll take them away” he assures the listener, as a gleaming saxophone coasts in and out of view. Second track (and the album’s primary single) “All Along” piles keyboards atop one another like warm blankets, creating the most inviting sort of sound. At all times on Herculean Task, Mirror Signal seems focused on just how daunting love can be–how impossible it can seem to even try to sway the heart of another. But again and again, with patient and immersive songwriting, he proves to be the right man for the job. Stream the EP in its entirety below, pick it up for keeps on iTunes and expect to hear a lot more from this promising lad.

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