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Martin Shkreli Is Auctioning Off A Chance To Punch Him In The Face

Martin Shkreli Is Auctioning Off A Chance To Punch Him In The Face

Controversial HIV Drug CEO Martin Shkreli Arrested By The FBI

We’ve dreamed of it, imagined every possible circumstance in which it could be done without legal repercussion, but for the right price, you may be able to clock Martin Shkreli in his smug, douchey face. Taking to his shit-stirring Twitter account, Shkreli, whose claim to infamy came when he bought that 1-of-1 Wu-Tang Clan album for millions and robbed the rest of the world of a chance to hear it, put out an unlikely call for people to actually bid on the opportunity to punch or slap (though we imagine most will opt for the former here) square in the face. According to Shkreli, someone’s already bid $78,000 to do so (bless their hearts.)

If it seems too good to be true (and honestly, it probably is) don’t worry, you won’t have to shell out five figures like our anonymous hero. You can also settle for informing Shkreli of the plague he’s cast on society to his face over a candlelit dinner for the more reasonable price of $1,100. Realistically this just the latest of his world-trolling stunts, but if it is legit, this could be the first decent thing Shkreli’s ever done for the countless lives he’s hurt on the way to world-class douchery. Here’s to the highest bidder.



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