OKP TV: Macklemore x Robert Glasper Battle On Toy Pianos

Lenny Kravitz, Grace Jones, Lauryn Hill, Lion Babe, Thundercat, SZA & More Rock The Afropunk Festival 2015 in Brooklyn, NY.Macklemore & Robert Glasper battle on toy pianos

When we discovered that Macklemore--Billboard cover star, hearthrob and unintentional inflater of thrift shop prices--is  secretly kind of an ill pianist we only had one thought: We need to have this dude battle Robert Glasper on the piano. No, wait, On TOY PIANOS. (I'm not saying it was a rational first thought but that is actually what we thought--I'm not making that part up).

Lucky for us, Robert Glasper is a man of many dimensions and facets. In addition to being a Grammy-winning pianist and bandleader and Blue Note's flagship artist, almost single-handedly carrying jazz music forward into the 21st century, he is also a complete clown. Not clown meaning 'chump' but clown meaning 'deeply funny individual'. Kind of an unsung comic genius, actually, if you've ever been around him. Even luckier, Macklemore was gracious (and brave) enough to accept his toy challenge and rose to the occasion like the backstage trailer at Roots Picnic 2013 couldn't hold him. You can watch the results for yourself below but suffice it to say that shit got a little out of control...and at the end of the battle, the ground was littered with mad smushed fruit, peanut butter pretzels and little pieces of toy piano. Beaucoups shouts to our partners in content capture BitTorrent, who also like to bug out a little, whenever they are not revolutionizing the way we experience music online. Find out about their new release with Public Enemy here and relive Roots Picnic 2013 with OKP TV's video recap here.


Emmai Alaquiva - Director | Editor | Cinematographer

Allison Swank - Senior Producer

Sinat Giwa - Production

Rory Webb - Production

Greg Scott - Sound

Alex Goldblum - Media Management

Jordan Gilliam - Audio Management


Alex Gaylon

Riley graham

Kevin Ornelas

Chinisha Scott

Bernard Feinsod