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Okayfuture Premiere: Machinedrum – “Eyesdontlie” (Sherwood & Pinch Remix)

Okayfuture Premiere: Machinedrum – “Eyesdontlie” (Sherwood & Pinch Remix)

Machinedrum - "Eyesdontlie" (Sherwood & Pinch Remix)

Machinedrum - "Eyesdontlie" (Sherwood & Pinch Remix)

Machinedrum may be known to Okayplayer’s primarily through his brilliant work with the prolific nu romantic sanger Jesse Boykins III (see “Show Me Who You Are” and “KI.L.L.Y.O.U.R.B.O.Y.F.R.I.E.N.D.” as prime examples and read the backstory–okay, the wayyyy backstory–on their Love Apparatus project here). But dude has nothing if not range, his ear and fingers having walked him through almost every genre you could modify with the word ‘electronic’ or weird’–up to and including Sun Ra remixes. So a dubby (but not exactly ‘dub’) remix of his sound by UK On-U Sound veteran Adrian Sherwood makes sense in a certain, machine intelligence kind of way. Cue up the new Sherwood & Pinch remix of Machinedrum’s “Eyesdontlie”–Okayfuture has the premiere and the full story:

Okayfuture is proud to present the exclusive premiere of the latest remix ofMachinedrum‘s “Eyesdontlie” from UK dub veteran Adrian Sherwood and Bristol’s Rob “Pinch” Ellis. The “Sherwood & Pinch Clash Machinedrum Dub Fi Dub, Downtown, Uptown and All Around Town Remix” of the popular single appears on Machinedrum’s newest Fenris District EP, a follow-up and markedly deeper, darker exploration into the conceptual landscape that is Vapor City. Dubbed out, smoky trip hop (with an emphasis on the trip) and industrial-esque, Sherwood & Pinch’s remix indicates that Travis Stewart’s imagined Fenris District is where VC’s heathens go to play when the lights go out.

Stream below and look for Machinedrum’s Fenris District EP, out now via NinjaTune and available at theNinjaShop or iTunes.

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