Lupe Fiasco
Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco Working On 'The Cool' Sequel?

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Photo by Ben Pexton

Hmm... well this looks to be a very welcomed addition to the career catalog of Lupe Fiasco. Earlier today, Lupe revealed a partial cover with some familiar artwork on his Instagram page with the caption:

Sneak peek...!!!...#C2? It's gonna be a whiiiile...but we are working! ??

Obviously leading us to the conclusion that The Cool 2 is on its way. Though Im somewhat hot and cold on Lupes more recent music, his 2007 LP Lupe Fiascos The Cool will always be one of my favorite albums. Its the record that brought us memorable joints like Go Go Gadget Flow, Paris, Tokyo, Hip-Hop Saved My Life, Little Weapon, Superstar, and too many more to name. To keep it real, I generally am not a fan of my favorite emcees revisiting old classics and making sequels some ten or so years later (I love you Redman, but Im looking right at Muddy Waters 2), but Im holding out hope that Lupe can re-capture that magic with this sequel. Anyway, Lupe makes it clear this project is far from seeing the light of day, so for now well have to just speculate and hope the singles come in sooner than later.

You can check out the partial cover from his IG page, below.