Lauryn Hill Thanks Fans For Support In Open Letter

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Lauryn Hill Thanks Fans For Support In Open Letter

Lauryn Hill fans can finally get a decent night’s rest knowing the love they sent to her throughout the 3 month sentence she had been serving was well received by the adored artist, as she has reciprocated those sentiments. Lauryn, who had been serving a 3 month stint for tax evasion, responded to the exaltation and support she was adorned in with an open letter to her fandom, who sent the exiled songstress everything from letters to books and care-packages. In her indebted response, Lauryn thanks her countless fans for making sure she knew that she was loved everyday of her imprisonment and confirming that the embattled vocalist’s artistic efforts were not in vain:

“Know that many of your letters not only touched me, but continued to confirm for me what I already knew but needed to hear again: that sincere expression has a serious purpose. If one of you had been touched, picked up, encouraged, or prevented from succumbing from some measure of social or spiritual decline, then it was worth it.”

Now that she’s up and out of her sentence, Ms.Hill is poised to remind her fans what she is capable of as an artist and a performer. Marking her release from prison with a a fiery and combative post-punk effort in “Consumerism”, everyone should be ready for the artist’s return to the stage, as she was granted the opportunity to post-pone her impending house arrest to go on tour from the middle of November through the end of the year. So get yourself ready to see L-Boogie, the queen and muse of neo-soul cause she’s back in a big way. Keep your okay-trolling up, as we’ll certainly be keeping you posted for impending tour dates and releases.Read the whole letter below.

Lauryn Hill's Open Letter


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