Killer Mike, Big Boi + More Will Testify On Hip Hop's Behalf In Front Of The Supreme Court Today

Killer Mike, Big Boi, Pharoahe Monch + More Will Testify On Hip Hop's Behalf In DC Today

“Anyone who is learned in law is capable of separating art and lyrics, whether you agree with them or not, and actual human behavior. I think the courts understand it when it’s Johnny Cash. I think they understand it when it’s Robert Nesta Marley.”

Those words are borrowed from a statement that Killer Mike delivered to the New York Times regarding today's Supreme Court hearing of one Taylor Bell, who currently raps under the name T-Bizzle. Back in 2011, Bell was suspended and forced to transfer to a new school after the release of a song that brought to light the sexual harassment of students at his initial school by a pair of coaches.

Bell sued the institution on the basis of clear First Amendment violations, but was ruled against by a majority opinion that held his grammar and spelling as more egregious offenses than those committed by sexual deviants like the coaches in question at his former school. The case has been appealed to no avail, but today, in front of the Supreme Court, an all-star roster of emcees will testify on behalf of Bell and hip hop at large, seeking to have the case heard in the nation's highest court. Amongst the roster of defenders lay cherished names like Pharoahe Monch, Big Boi, T.I. and, of course, Mike himself, who has taken on the cause in stride.

Though they will all step before the Supreme Court today, an official decision on hearing the case likely will not come down until early next year. Keep you eyes on us for updates.