Kehlani Shares New EP Ft. Chance The Rapper + Sango

Kehlani Shares New 'YSBH' Tsunamixes EP ft. Chance The Rapper, Sango + More

by Scott Heins
September 16, 2015 10:12 AM


Kehlani has shared what might be the perfect summer comedown project with the new You Should Be Here Tsunamixes EP. Stretched across the record’s seven tracks are stories of passion and deceit–Kehlani’s eager heart poured out onto the page. It’s the sound of summer trysts ending, and becoming either long-term loves or faded flings. As always, the Oakland-area vocalist sounds fantastic on YSBH. The record should but any lingering doubts to rest: Kehlani is here to stay, and we’ll be listening for a long, long time.

YSBH Tsunamixes benefits from the talents of not only Chance The Rapper, but a host of progressive beatmakers from the Soulection camp and beyond. Sango and Mr. Carmack lend their talents to “The Way” and “Jealous” respectively, while Stwo, Dpat, Mike Gao and more. Some of the YSBH tracks have already appeared across various SoundCloud profiles, but to have them all wrapped up in one concise and emotive progressive R&B package is a real treat indeed. In their newly-remixed forms, these songs float upon gorgeous synth progressions (and the occasional house beat); “Jealous” especially is a prime example of what Kehlani’s vocal might can become over a lush neo-R&B soundscape. Listen to her new EP in full below, and stay tuned for more from the bae area songstress.

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