Kadhja Bonet - "Remember The Rain"

Kadhja Bonet Dips Into Cinematic Soul w/ Breathtaking Cover Of 21st Century's "Remember The Rain"

Khadja Bonet Dips Into Orchestral Soul w/ Breathtaking Cover Of 21st Century's "Remember The Rain"

According to her bio, Kadhja Bonet was “born in 1784 in the backseat of a sea-foam green space pinto.” But despite her cosmic origins, she makes a mean tune for us terrestrial humans to enjoy. Case in point, her stunning cover of The 21st Century‘s hidden gem of orchestral soul “Remember The Rain” (b-side with the George Clinton-penned “You’re My Only World”) in which the lesser-known, equally-talented Bonet sister gracefully spreads her whispery vox over an incredibly lush arrangement, akin to Isaac Hayes’ “Walk On By,” but fit with the soaring lilt of a voice as classic and distinctive as Minnie Ripperton. And while her age and home planet are still very much in question, one thing is crystalline; Kadhja’s voice is as rare as a copy of the very record she’s covering and we can’t wait to see and hear what’s next. Listen to Kadhja Bonet’s cover of “Remember The Rain” below, grab a copy on Bandcamp today and head over to her Soundcloud to get acquainted with young Bonet and her enchanting, soul-smothered sounds. We’ll be sure to keep our ears to the ground for her, so check back for the goods.

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