Jesse Boykins III new LP
Jesse Boykins III new LP

Jesse Boykins III Drops New Single "Live In Me" + 'Love Apparatus' Album Art & Tracklist

Jesse Boykins III releases new track from LP

Jesse Boykins III has been exploring the world as a romantic for a few years now, and has clearly developed an intimate understanding of how love operates as a universal law. Applying his romanticism to more than just interpersonal relationships, Boykins has been able to win us over by creating work that speaks directly to the soul (girls swoon over Boykins during his live performances as he dances and flips his blowout - his signature gesture). The nomadic soul-man has been collaborating (almost as long as we've been waiting for the new album) with well-rounded producer Machinedrum on his forthcoming LP Love ApparatusIn an interview with Okayplayer some three years back, Boykins and Machinedrum talked about their natural workflow and blending their widespread tastes.

Today Boykins dropped another track from the long-awaited LP entitled "Live In Me."Produced by Machinedrum, "Live In Me" (which follows the releases of "Plain" and "Show Me Who You Are") continues Boykins' endless search for love. The elongated groove that focuses on sex turned spiritual begins with interesting dialogue that sets up the chorus line "I've been searching for / and some day I will find you and you shall live in me." In the dialogue, the speaker poses the question "balance or climax?" the answer is "always balance... through balance you can have climax."  Playing with contrasting themes like balance and climax or beauty and danger is something that the soulful singer has applied to his music philosophy. The highly-anticipated 13 track LP Love Apparatus features collaborations with Phonte from The Foreign Exchange and Theophilus London and is now set to drop on April 22nd.  Along with the new single, Boykins has also released the album artwork which he describes as "a representation of balance. The balance between the artistic mind and what the world takes from the art that is created." Check out the tracklist and album artwork plus stream "Live In Me" below.

Jesse Boykins III Love Apparatus Cover Art

Love Apparatus Tracklist:

1. GreyScale [prod. Machinedrum]

2. B4 The Night Is Thru [prod. Machinedrum]

3. Create Beauty [prod. Chad Beatz | J.Boykins III | Machinedrum]

4. I Wish [prod by Jesse Boykins III]

5. Tell Me [prod. by Machinedrum] ft. Theophilus London

6. Show Me Who You Are [prod. by Machinedrum]

7. Live In Me [prod. by Machinedrum]

8. 4 U 2 B Free [prod by Machinedrum]

9. The Wonder Years [prod. by Machinedrum]

10. Plain [prod. by Machinedrum]

11. A Matter Of The Heart [prod. by Hadyn & J.Boykins III] ft. Phonte

12. 4 Ever No More [prod. by Machinedrum]

13. Make Believe [prod. by Machinedrum]

14. Heavenly Eyes [prod by Jesse Boykins III]