Jay Electronica Takes To Nigerian Radio To Discuss Fela Kuti, Contemporary Hip-Hop, Kanye West & More

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Never one to be bound by geography, Jay Electronica has landed in Nigeria, marking the reclusive rapper's very first trip to the land of the original Black President. And while it seems he's mostly there for leisure, Jay Elec has hit the Nigerian airwaves to discuss being raised on Fela, his thoughts on contemporary hip-hop artists and--more particularly--his overwhelming love of one Kanye West. And yeah, we probably shouldn't be all that surprised over the gushing review of Ye (considering they're technically labelmates, even though Jay STILL doesn't have an album to show for it) but it amounts to a more re-humanizing portrayal of the man everyone loves to hate on than we've seen from anybody, anywhere. Clocking in at roughly an hour long, there's a bit too much to throw into these few hundred words, so read a compelling excerpt from the chat and tune in by hitting the link below.

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Asked about the contemporary state of hip-hop:

"Yes, it is dumbed down hip-hop and it's not what I grew up on but I would be a bald-faced liar if I said I didn't listen to some Fetty Wap and Drake. I know the lyrics to, 'I'm in love with the CoCo,' and all that. Of course the Young Thugs and so forth. We come from the era of Rakim, Nas, these type of people, so it's poetry. That side of me can really critique a Young Thug and these new types of people but at the same time it's young Black people using what they have to come out of an environment to better their lives for their loved ones. All praises due to Allah for that."