GZA x Sweet Valley - "Planetary Energy"

GZA x Sweet Valley - "Planetary Energy"

by karaslamb
July 10, 2015 8:05 PM

GZA Captains The Sweet Valley Produced Track "Planetary Energy" - The 3rd Single From The CONS EP Vol. 3 Presented By Converse.

GZA captains the Sweet Valley produced track “Planetary Energy” – the third single from the CONS EP Vol. 3 presented by Converse. The production is a mash of audio from space shuttle launches, effects that should delight Super Mario Bros. fans and the usual darts from a celebrated Wu general. The buzzing, “electrically charged” track finds GZA traveling deeper into the cosmos “delivering hell storms of rap articles…well planned, detailed, intricate, methodical.” Check the track below to listen to “Planetary Energy.” Download the track and stream the full CONS EP Vol. 3 via SoundCloud. Get more at converse-music.com.

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