Espa Pray For Me Artwork
Espa Pray For Me Artwork

Espa Unveils The Searing Summer Dance Cut "Pray For Me"

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If at some point this summer you find yourself basking in the golden light of a long sunset, Espa's new single "Pray For Me" will hopefully be playing. The London-based artist has a knack for blending dance electronics and soulful organic tones in ways that feel just right, and "Pray for Me" is beautifully lush example of just that. A deeply human song of hope made half-digital, it's a benchmark track for anyone looking to lose themselves to anthemic dance music.

Fans of Bonobo, Jessie Ware and Disclosure will find much to love on "Pray For Me," which loops a forlorn keyboard motive beneath rollicking drums and, most importantly, Epsa's sky-high voice. The track is the second single off of her upcoming LG60 EP, following the equally excellent "Orbit." Look for the entire record to drop later in the summer. "Pray for Me" hit the internet Tuesday via Fader, and Epsa described it as such:

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to be able to move in a different direction. 'Pray For Me' is my way of expressing that desperate moment when you long to see the light, you long for an intangible force to save you from a situation that's going nowhere. Although some might see this as a negative scenario, i'm trying to convey that this universal experience can be embraced as a positive new beginning. We're all running from our own demons; but sometimes we get brave enough to turn round, and face them head on. It's here, in this vulnerable moment, that we can capture our true strength.

At the tender age of 23, Epsa seems headed for truly great things. Listen to "Pray For Me" below and prepare to be moved in multiform ways.