El-P Announces The Winner Of His ‘Pokemon Go’ Remix Contest

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El-P Announces Winner Of His 'Pokemon Go' Remix Contest

El-P Announces Winner Of His 'Pokemon Go' Remix Contest

By any system of metrics, Pokemon Go has become a sensation the likes of which we’ve yet to see or experience in the 21st century. Some pros have claimed that in its first week it has already eclipsed the the popularity of Tinder and Twitter. It’s also been a source of unexpected revelations, with everything from cheating lovers to actual dead bodies having been discovered while trying to catch that tediously tricky Pikachu by the dumpster of a Walmart parking lot.

Needless to say, the sudden rush of Pokemon fandom has got some folks feeling pretty conflicted. One of them happens to be El-P, who expressed just how torn he was in a hilariously duplicitous Twitter rant that first found him knocking the augmented reality game, then walking back his comments after feeling the strong arm of Pokemon community. He felt so bad about it, in fact, that he took to Instagram to bust some pretty lightweight bars about the game and encouraged his followers to flip his halfhearted bars into something more substantial. After a few days of fielding submissions, El-P announced the winner: a trap-laced remix from UK producer, Kip Cozy, which is available for you to hear down below.

However you may feel about the Pokemon Go phenomenon, this could help you sort it out. Or it won’t.

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