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Ebro Darden Responds To 'TMZ' Report Alleging Hot 97 Won't Play Tekashi 6ix9ine

Ebro darden responds to tmiz report alleging hot 97 wont play tekashi 6ix9ine 715x477 Photo Credit: Arik McArthur/FilmMagic

The radio host tweeted his thoughts on the TMZ report earlier today.

Early this morning, TMZ shared a report expressing that an executive at New York City's Hot 97 radio station would not play any of Tekashi 6ix9ine's music. Following the release of the news, Ebro Darden of Ebro in the Morning alleges that the report was false.

The TMZ report noted that "when Tekashi is released from prison and drops new music, the radio station will not jump to debut any of the records, and they don't anticipate playing any of 6ix9ine's music at all."

Additionally, TMZ alleges an executive has "never been a huge Tekashi69 supporter" and that the rapper "ratting on former gang members is digging an even bigger hole for himself."

Taking to Twitter, Darden shared: "When he drops new music Imma play that sh*t everyday just to sh*t on ya'll stupid f*cks. All execs @HOT97 deny speaking to anyone at @TMZ..... so this means that Tekashi marketing machine is revving up to rally his on-line #Bots and drive stories," he shared. "If the label is not careful were [sic] gonna have to revisit covering how his on-line shenanigans was fabricated from the beginning and who finances them."

Today on Ebro in the Morning, Darden spoke about the debacle and said, "I don't talk to TMZ. I don't care what people say 'cause when that Tekashi music come out, guess what I'm doing? I'm playing it everyday."

At the moment, TMZ has not responded to any of Ebro's tweets.

Source: TMZ

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