Read Duck Down CEO Dru Ha's Touching Sean Price Eulogy

Duck Down CEO Dru Ha Pens Touching Eulogy For The Late Sean Price

Duck Down CEO Dru Ha Pens Touching Eulogy For The Late Sean Price

Almost three weeks since the mighty Sean Price left this world for the eternal plane, and we’re still recovering from the aftershock. And there have been countless pour-outs, tributes, lighters to the air that have surfaced in the weeks since, but perhaps the most touching yet, may be from his Duck Down family, penned beautifully by the label’s head honcho Dru Ha and published this weekend. Du Ha takes us through the maddening radiance of Sean P, testifying to the man’s genius in heart-rending detail, making painfully clear how P’s humor and personality lit up whichever venue he happened to stumble into; pranking and jesting at his label head’s expense regularly. It’s as touching of a remembrance as we’ve seen or heard yet, which you can get a sliver of down below. Hit the link to read Dru Ha’s full Sean Price eulogy. Rest in power, Sean P.

“But at the heart, he played for one team throughout his career. He declared “I’m Boot Camp 4 Life” and no matter how turbulent times could become, he never waivered. He knew that his BCC kin loved him unconditionally, accepted his irrational ways, and most importantly that they could rhyme on his playing field. He always insisted that Rock was the better MC in Da Incredible Rap team of Heltah Skeltah, and told me on more than one occasion that coming up through the game, Steele was his favorite MC. Buck was a mentor and trusted confidant. We never had to ask, he proudly wore the Duck Down uniform, hats, shirts, hoodies, jackets, whatever, he carried our flag with him. Most importantly it seemed to him, he represented for Brooklyn, but more specifically for Brownsville, reminding us that “the sills been acquired since living in Tilden.”


>>>Read Dru Ha’s eulogy for the late Sean Price (via Duck Down)

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